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We would like to inform all our supporters that we have been successfully registered as a beneficiary of the MySchool MyVillage MyPlanet Fundraising programme. Individuals can now sign up for a card with our organisation as their beneficiary.

As a valued Beneficiary, you can help us raise even more funds every month through this programme!

Sign up by downloading the application ( click here )


EL Petpals Npo • 099/705 . Please bare with us as our website is still under construction...

Among the many items we are always needing, these are top on our list:

* Dry food for our dogs, cats, puppies & kittens
* Litter trays and cat litter
* Dog tags and collars
* Do you know who we could apply to for funding/sponsorship?
* Vet dip that kills ticks, fleas and mange.
* Vet de-worming
* Monthly Donations or paying towards our vet bills

Thank you to all our supporters

Since our shelter opened its doors our growth has been phenomenal, thanks largely to the amazing support and generosity from compassionate, caring people in our communities, vets, animal feed companies, businesses, volunteers and the general public.

As we do not receive any Government funding, we rely considerably on public donations and in this regard we are certainly blessed, as our community greatly appreciates the work we do and supports our efforts. These donations come from numerous sources such as private individuals, schools, clubs, businesses, corporates,vets and animal feed companies.
Should you like to make a donation directly into our bank account, these are our details:

Account Holder: EL Pet Pals
Bank: First National Bank (RSA)
Branch Code: 260251
Account Number: 622 622 01 537