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Dear Valued Readers- Thank you all for your valued support during the year,
Smalltalk Animal Magazine has grown exponentially and we are looking forward towards 2013 with a mind of expansion both in distribution and print run. Online platforms will be emphasised in 2013 as we keep an ever watchful eye on current trends.

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Gauteng to impose heavy fines on rabid dog ownersGauteng to impose heavy fines on rabid dog owners

Johannesburg - Owners of rabid dogs in Gauteng will receive heavy fines if their unvaccinated dogs bite people, the Gauteng Agriculture and Rural Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza has warned.

"In South Africa, we have good laws but the challenge is that we don't enforce such laws. As Gauteng, we are going to be very strict against pet owners if their rabid dogs bite our people. There will be no more lenient fines - it is compulsory for all dogs and cats to be vaccinated against rabies," said the MEC.She added that the outbreak of rabies in Gauteng was fully under control.The province will celebrate World Rabies Day in Bopheleng township in the Sedibeng district on 28 September. The event will be aimed at raising awareness about the impact of human and animal rabies and how easy is to prevent. Rabies is a disease affecting the brain, which leads to the death of the person or animal involved. Symptoms vary widely and include behavioral changes, aggressiveness and paralysis. These symptoms can occur seven to six months after being infected with the virus, which occurs in the saliva of rabid dogs.

"The most vulnerable group is children under the age of 15. This group is more likely to be bitten by dogs and is also more likely to be severely exposed through multiple bites in high-risk sites on the body," Mayathula-Khoza said. Although the disease is 100 percent preventable, it still accounts for over 55, 000 deaths mostly in Africa and Asia per year. However, rabies is incurable.

In South Africa, between 2006 and 2012, a total of 106 deaths have been caused by rabies. "We would like to reiterate that rabies is a controlled disease. It is completely preventable through vaccination which is compulsory by law. The pet and human populations can only be protected if at least 70 percent of pets have been vaccinated.

"We are urging people to report all suspect cases to their nearest state veterinarian,"
said the MEC. -


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Press Release

Alien mallard ducks not wanted in South Africa

By Leon Marshall

Johannesburg–Some people get very upset whenever there is talk of exterminating invasive alien bird species, even if they pose a threat to a country’s own birds. In South Africa, the effort to eradicate non-native birds has even been compared to the kind of xenophobia that is supposed to be behind the sporadic outbreaks of violence against human migrants from other African countries in townships around the country.

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#NSPCA - No Easter Funnies please


An appeal has been made through a media statement asking that any Easter celebrations do not involve live animals. Already, approaches are being made with regard the use of live animals including a shopping mall wishing to have live rabbits on exhibition and even an advertisement on a web site for rabbits that can be rented out.
In previous years, schools, bazaars and traders have come up with what they considered to be novelty ideas but which severely compromised the welfare of live animals and sent out the wrong message.
"If you're going to have bunnies, make them chocolate ones. If you want to give gifts with an Easter theme, chocolate or candy is the preferred option. Please don't exploit animals and please don't support anyone who is trying to make a fast buck out of doing so."


Dog Poisoning - East London

Compiled by S.P.C.A East London

East London SPCA is aware of 9 incidents of large breed dogs being poisoned in the Sunnyridge area, in just one week. There may be more unreported. If anyone suspects their pet has been poisoned, it is vitally important to get the animal to a veterinarian as quickly as possible. Symptoms to look out for: salivation, muscle tremors, vomiting, diarrhoea, difficulty breathing, seizures, weakness and paralysis, small pupils. Avoid contact with any suspected poison or body fluids. Wrap the animal in a blanket. The best advice to anyone fearful of their pets being poisoned is to keep them indoors at night. Please report these cases. Police stations country-wide have been circulated on the issue of pet poisonings to curb this inhumane poisoning of dogs as well as crimes associated within dog poisoning. There is no doubt that in the vast majority of cases, poisonings take place as a lead-up to other criminal activity in the area. If cases are opened, community sector policing can improved and patterns established which could contribute to the apprehension of those responsible. It may even save the lives of other animals. It is vitally important that samples are submitted to the Forensic Science Laboratory. The SAPS country-wide has been instructed on procedure. In addition to being able to lay charges in terms of the Animals Protection Act, charges can be laid in cases of Aldicarb (temic/sanacarb) poisoning.
The NSPCA is working with the SAPS at national level on the issue. Take care to also ensure that no accidental poisonings take place. Certain products that may be readily available can be poisonous – if not fatal if ingested – to animals. Anti-freeze, for example is poisonous to cats yet its smell is attractive to them and they are likely to lick any spillages. Beware of rat poison. Rodents may travel a fair distance – at least onto other properties – before succumbing to the toxin. If the rat is then chewed or ingested by a domestic animal, the pet may effectively be poisoned. The NSPCA stresses that non-toxic or humane means of rodent eradication make far more sense all round. As always, prevention is the key!

What are the new "VET SHOPS" all about ?

Posted by Celize Kriel

The South African Veterinary Council (SAVA) - initiated its own concept of a vet store called 'Vetshop', which is ultimately a retail outlet chain exclusive to mostly SAVA members. According to SAVA spokesperson Anthony Erasmus, Vetshops have been developed to create channel awareness at consumer level. Pet owners will be made aware that Vetshops stock vet-exclusive products and premium brands that are sold to the public. Vetshops are no longer 'independent'.


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